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Company Profile

3D Medicines (3DMed), founded in 2010, is a leader in precision medicine in China dedicated to making early and personalized diagnosis accessible to each patient, has more than 800 employees in China, United States and the Singapore.

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  • History & Milestones

    Time will tell.

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  • 2019

    ● Obtained national high-tech enterprise certification
    ● AndiS400, the world's first automated closed library building instrument, obtained the national Class II medical device registration certificate
    ● Launched China's first exosome-based in vitro diagnostic test product AR-V7

  • 2018

    ● Launched an non-invasive immunotherapy companion diagnostic products Blood-OK-Dx, which features blood-MSI and blood-TMB in terms of liquid biopsy.

Honors and Qualification

Second Prize in the Enterprise Group of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry of the 4th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition.

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Management Team

3DMed has an international team with talented professionals in biology, pharmacy, chemistry, bioinformatics, pharmacology, pathology, FDA novel drug approval and clinical trials, who also have extensive experience in product development, marketing, business cooperation, drug development and international operation.

Simon Xiong

3DMed Founder & Chairman

● Ph.D in Institute of biochemistry and cell biology, CAS, China.
● Postdoc in UZH,Switzerland.
● Founded 3DMed in 2010, focusing on precision cancer diagnostics and drug development.
● Building up a drug pipeline covering 3 clinical late stage compounds and 2 preclinical clinical candidates.


Caifu Chen


● 20 years of broad biotech R&D experiences in developing cutting-edge qPCR, CE, dPCR & NGS products for RUO, LDT & Dx
● Passionate R&D leader at multiple companies & countries
• Senior Vice President of Genomics R&D at IDT in 2014 - 2018
• Vice President of Genetic Applications R&D at Thermo Fisher in 2012 - 2014
• Vice President of Molecular Biology R&D in Pall Corporation in 2010 - 2012
• Sr. Director and Scientific Fellow at Applied Biosystems in 1998 - 2010
● Expert qPCR and NGS product developer
• Developed TaqMan MicroRNA Assays, AmpliSeq, Target Capture NGS Kits, and many other TaqMan Assays for RUO, LDT and Dx applications
• Achieving >$800M new product revenues
● Successful collaborator with hundreds of academic institutes and biotech companies in cancer, miRNAs, stem cells, CNVs & single cell analysis
● Productive author of 55 peer-reviewed papers, 8 book chapters, and holder of 36 patents and patent publications
● Molecular geneticist trained at Harvard Medical School in 1996-1998 and University of Missouri in 1993-1996

Simon Xiong

Caifu Chen